Dr. Veronique Simon in Aspire

Humans have been obsessed with the idea of eternal youth for millennia. We’re not there yet but we can now age gracefully thanks to the efforts of Dr. Véronique Simon, whose pioneering techniques have reframed the anti-ageing debate.

Dr. Veronique Simon
Anyone who has seen the cult film Brazil might be put off cosmetic surgery forever. However our desire for eternal youth has not waned, it has just manifested itself in a dizzying range of less invasive alternatives to going under the knife. Cutting through the cacophony is France’s Dr Véronique Simon, whose pioneering work in aesthetic facial enhancement and anti-aging techniques has a legacy that stretches back 20 years.

Ever at the forefront of this swiftly-developing science, Dr Véronique, now based in London, has developed a range of signature facial treatments and a complementary product range that delivers natural-looking results, improving facial contours and resulting in beautifully hydrated skin. “My belief is that maintaining one’s natural beauty and unique personality is key to happiness,” she says. “I am happy when I see people’s elation at ensuring they look and feel their best, their joy is my success.”

Dr. Véronique Simon’s dedication is inspirational. “It’s about stamina, patience and the unswerving desire to show that there is an alternative, more naturalistic approach to looking your best as you age,” she insists. “My sheer determination to share this alternative has driven me to develop my research. The sharing of knowledge has to be one of the most powerful inspirations to both measure and achieve success in any field.”