Rise of the super facials...

Daily Mail - October

Last week, the Mail revealed the facial done from INSIDE your cheeks. It's just one of the latest high-tech treatments that can transform your skin.


French beauty secret: The Parisian peel ends with a soothing cold-cream mask

WHAT IS IT? Simon Therapie Collagen Restructuring Masque.

BEST FOR: Giving haggard skin an overhaul.

WHAT'S INVOLVED? Loved by French fashionistas, this skin-transforming procedure is designed to eliminate dryness, dullness and pigmentation.

A concoction of fruit acid is painted onto the skin, before a warm electronically-powered mask is placed on the face.

The heat from the mask and its electric pulse action, combined with the acid cocktail, works wonders to dissolve dead skin - without any of the rawness or recovery time associated with traditional peels.

A blend of vitamins, amino acids and collagen-building powders is infused deep into the skin via mesotherapy (homeotherapy micro-injections). The treatment ends with a soothing cold-cream mask to ease any redness that may arise.

Costs £145 for 60 minutes with Dr. Véronique Simon, www.simontherapie.com 020 7235 0679.