On the Glow


Dr. Veronique Simon in Tempus MagazineMaintaining smooth skin without surgery requires more than a little innovative thinking. Luckily, Dr Veronique Simon has done it for you

Facials are very well, but there comes a point when even the most pricey creams and vigorous massages no longer seem to cut the mustard. For some, this means pursuing the more radical route of cosmetic surgery but, thankfully, there is an alternative and Dr Veronique Simon has the answer.

The epitome of Parisian chic, Dr Veronique Simon has treated Catherine Deneuve and Charlotte Rampling among many others, and has a host of grateful clients who flock to her salons in Istanbul, Paris and London. She specialises in subtlety, rolling back the years by creating a glow through preventive and non-invasive skin-tightening treatments and a menu of mesotherapy and blood-platelet rejuvenation treatments, using her own unique cocktail of ingredients.

If you don’t know where to start, fear not. Instead of presenting clients with a bewildering list of treatments, Dr Veronique Simon prefers to offer a single , bespoke anti-ageing facial treatment with the effects, she promises, lasting for up to six months. The Rejuvenator is non-invasive but uses the most potent, professional-strength ingredients and techniques available, and is made up of several key stages.

The first involves the custom-blend cocktail administered via advanced mesotherapy (a gun that uses micro-fine needles to give greater penetration of ingredients) - a procedure that unfortunately isn’t entirely painless.

Electroporation - deep- tissue therapy - then ensures even deeper diffusion and acts as a facial muscle exerciser, before the LED light therapy finish ensures skin is tighter, brighter and appears lifted. If clients require, Dr Veronique Simon can also administer a light touch of filler or botox.

It’s better than a facial, as the processes stimulate the collagen in your face to rebuild itself, smoothing out lines and reducing the need for fillers later on. While we can’t judge the full effect - Dr Veronique Simon recommends an initial course of six to eight sessions to ensure the full benefit - it’s preferable to going under the knife and, despite a bit of discomfort, your skin will look smoother and fresher after a single session. Her loyal clientele keep her very busy, so book well in advance for a shortcut to fresher skin.