Oil-Fighting Tips

Oil-Fighting Tips That Stop Your Face From Getting Shiny


Shine is a beautiful thing on your hair, lips, or nails. Not so much on your face. Discover how to help fight oily skin with these 7 tips.


Use a Cleanser with Salicylic Acid


If you tend to break out, switching to a cleanser that fights zits will keep your skin looking matte. Choose one with 2 percent salicylic acid, which helps break down oil in the pores but isn't over drying.


Scale Back on Makeup


Foundation can feel heavy, especially in hot weather, it melts into your pores and clogs them, and they produce even more oil. Try switching to a tinted moisturizer with silicone, which forms a shield over the skin, keeping makeup where it belongs.


Exfoliate Once a Week


Just because your face is on the oily side doesn't mean you have to punish it with a sandpapery scrub. Find an exfoliator that gently exfoliates with tiny buffing beads while fighting breakouts all without leaving skin feeling tight or parched.


Be Careful what you Eat


Alcohol and spicy foods may hit the spot on a hot night, but they're not part of a regimen for how to get rid of oily skin. But they won't do your skin any favours; they dilate blood vessels, and make you perspire. Try to limit yourself to one drink a night, and eat spicy foods no more than once a week. Consider loading up instead on carrots, cantaloupe, and spinach; foods like these that are high in vitamin A can actually slow oil production.


Use a Moisturizer 


Using a moisturizer is key to keeping oil production under control. Don't skip it, people confuse oil with hydration, so they don't properly hydrate the skin. We now have really great ingredients, like hyaluronic acid, that can help balance oil and water in the skin. By balancing the water in the skin, you'll have a better barrier, which can help to control oil production.


Lighten Up on Night Cream


Take your bedtime beauty routine down a notch. If you use a cream, switch to a lotion, if you use a lotion, switch to a hydrating serum.


Blot Your Heart Out


If your face starts to get oily, reach for more than a powder puff. Instead, reach for blotting papers with a touch of translucent powder. They help to soak up excess oil and don't over strip, so you really can't overuse them.