Dr. Veronique Simon Q&A pt 2

Lady with Clear Skin after using Dr Veronique Simon Products

1. How can I figure out my skin type?

Normal Skin is neither too dry or too oily, it has no severe sensitivity.

Combination Skin can be either dry or normal in some areas, and oily in others, such as the T-zone (forehead, chin, nose). Many people have this type and requires slightly different care in different areas.

Oily Skin has a shiny or dull ‘thick’ complexion. It is prone to blackheads, pimples, or other blemishes.


2. How can I stop my skin from breaking out? And how can I reduce the oil production in my skin?

There are many causes for breakouts, hormonal, diet or environment. A skincare routine (heavy moisturisers or not micropeeling) can clogs pores and aggravate or cause breakouts.

Adjusting your routine and using products targeted at decreasing sebum production can help.


3. My skin is really sensitive and products easily irritate my skin. What can I use?

Stay away from harsh or heavy products, and always test a small patch on your jawline for 24 hours before applying all over your face. Different skins react to different irritants, so it is by trial that you will find products best suited to your skin


4. What is Placenta Therapy?


The Placenta Therapy is the new advanced technique; it’s a cosmetic treatment that scientifically works. A complex of vitamins, oligo elements and hormone-like peptides are micro injected to rejuvenate and renew, for a sublime skin.

The amniotic fluid brings all the nutrients for life and the Placenta Therapy, consisting of all of these, is like the CLP Revitalisation from La Prairie in Switzerland. (Refined extracts based on stem cells.)


5. What are the suggestions that you think are most effective for women in their 30s, 40s and 50s?


In one’s 30s:

It is a balanced diet with a supplementation of vitamins, olio elements and antioxidants (Omega 3).

It is regular physical exercise.

It is micropeeling at least two times a week to renew the stratum corneum (the skin is like every other organ, it must be exercised/it must work to stay young), and an adding a topical dose of antioxidants through the combination of the Complement and a moisturiser or serum.

It is eventually a Placenta Therapy one or two times a year for preventative means, which gives the skin what it needs to stay looking young: olio elements, extracts of undifferentiated cells with stimulation of immunity.

In one’s 40s:

It is eventually the beginning of correcting treatments such as Botox, fillers and Collagen Boosters

It is increased Placenta Therapy treatments (3-4 times a year)

In one’s 50s:

It is a adding replacement hormone therapy (oestrogen + proesterogen) prescribed by a gynaecologist.


At every age, particular attention should be paid to the nexk, décolleté and hands: they are the unstoppable identity cards of age!