These errors will speed up the ageing process of your complexion.


Ever been in such a rush in the morning that you’ve slapped on a bit of makeup and disregarded your skincare altogether?


No matter how well blended your foundation is or how perfectly your lipstick suits your complexion, you can be left looking older if you aren’t taking enough time to follow a proper skincare regime.


While your routine does not need to be lengthy and complicated, following a strict process will leave your skin glowing, healthy and youthful. 


How to avoid those common mistakes that speed up the ageing process of our skin…


1) Not cleansing your skin properly


A thorough cleanse twice a day is essential to removing dirt, makeup and pollution from your face. What’s more, it paves the way for the rest of your skincare to perform effectively.


Cleansing twice a day, every day is crucial to avoid premature ageing and maintain your skins health.


Every day our skin is exposed to various external factors like pollution, dirt, make up, so we have to properly cleanse it to rid the skin of grime, slough off dead and dull skin and to boost cell renewal.


2) Forgetting to look after your neck and décolleté


Our necks are one of the first areas to show signs of ageing, and so it’s important to take the time to take your skincare down your neck and across your décolleté.


The skin on our neck is just as delicate and worthy of attention as the skin of our face so always cleanse and moisturise this area.


Your fourties is when you should start incorporating a specific neck/chest cream to target slack and sagging skin.


3) You don’t exfoliate your skin


While cleansing helps to remove dirt and grime that builds up throughout the day, it’s important to regularly exfoliate your face to remove dead and dull skin.


A proper exfoliation leaves your skin more receptive to your following skincare so it’s the ideal time to get your potent anti-ageing, vitamin or hydrating products on.


4) You’re rough on your eyes when removing makeup


Pulling and tugging at the eye area when trying to remove stubborn eye makeup can cause premature ageing in that area.


Instead, I recommend that you treat your eyes extra gently.


Saturate a cotton wool pad with micellar water and press and hold on the eye area for 20 seconds before lightly sweeping away the make-up. If you need to do this several times then do so, you’re better off being patient then having lined and sagging skin around your eyes.


5) You’re not getting enough sleep


The answer to good skin could be as easy as getting a solid night’s rest. In fact, a lack of sleep can be quite damaging.


Sleep is so important! Not only will a bad night’s sleep lead to dark circles and puffy eyes but when we sleep we release a growth hormone which stimulates skin repair at night. If we miss out on a proper, deep sleep we are impairing this process.


Also, when we lack sleep we release more of the stress hormone cortisol, which causes inflammation and breaks down our collagen supplies, all of which causes premature ageing. Sleep is also a crucial time for your skin as this is when you can apply products with active ingredients that get to work as you sleep.