Tips for Wrinkle Free Skin

Transform Your Skin

Following an effective care routine for wrinkle free skin (**the skin is wrinkle free not the routine..) is essential if you want to delay lines and other signs of aging as much as possible. It is equally important to understand the causes of facial wrinkles and what can be expected from the choices we make.

Fine lines and wrinkles are caused when the top layer of your skin loses its moisture and elasticity and becomes more fragile. When you age, you begin to lose elastin and collagen fibres in your skin, which in turn causes skin to sag.


9 Wrinkle Free Skin Tips

You can start taking care of your skin by feeding your body what it needs. Foods for a wrinkle-free skin include those rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. A list can be found in my last blog

Hydration is critical in the fight against aging because if your skin is dry it will be more prone to wrinkling. Keep the skin properly hydrated by drinking plenty of liquids such as water and herbal teas.

Other tips for a wrinkle-free skin include:

  1. Finding out your skin type. Once you are clear about the type of skin you have it will be easier to find the right skin care products to feed your skin.
  2. Good skin cleansing is definitely necessary - Make use of warm water when you are cleansing the face, in order to unblock skin pores. Use soap free solutions as soap could dry your skin.
  3. Skin circulation is important - Use circular motions with a brush to remove dead skin cells and promote good circulation.
  4. Exfoliation and hydration - Proper exfoliation will remove superficial cells in the skin, allowing new cells to take their place. Always moisturize after exfoliation with a natural anti wrinkle skincare product.
  5. Exercise - Working out is a great way to oxygenate the skin and release toxins.
  6. 6.Try to eat foods that contain vitamin E, C and B, as well as vitamin A.
  7. Sleeping is also important for the skin. If something interrupts your sleep between those hours, the hormone cortisol is produced, which damages collagen fibres and stresses the body. Still the recommended hours for a good night’s sleep and for good skin are seven to eight.
  8. Using natural products to avoid loading the skin with chemicals is a great choice.

Although these tips often help to diminish the appearance of the initial indications of aging of the skin, it is recommended to also make use of high quality anti wrinkle skincare products.