Anti-Aging Treatment Routine
To help slow down the effects of aging, you need to understand why the skin wrinkles, sags, and loses its vitality. The simplest explanation for this is due to the fact that as the body ages, the skin cells and tissues fail to produce enough important structural proteins, specifically collagens and elastins, which are responsible for making the skin firm and elastic. Due to some damaging factors, production of these proteins slows down affecting the elasticity and firmness of the skin. Since these proteins which are greatly responsible in maintaining the skin, it should be these elements which should be targeted when you are undergoing daily skin care routine or anti-aging treatment.

I have listed some essential points regarding the preservation and maintenance of these components to slow down the signs associated with ageing. These can be considered as simple measures to preserve and maintain the glow and vitality of your skin for as long as possible.

• The human body is generally comprised of 60% water. It may appear that this is a frequently used advice offered by the experts and even non-experts, but drinking enough water everyday is actually fundamental. Keeping your body hydrated is one key to keeping your skin young and clean. I recommend drinking eight glasses of water daily, enough for a good skin hydration.

• What you eat can affect your appearance. If your diet is poor and contains mostly junk food, you will notice that the skin echoes its bad results. A good diet for healthy and glowing skin must contain vitamins and minerals, and lots of antioxidants. Leafy green vegetables and fruits are great sources.

When using anti-aging products, it is advisable that you select those that aid in the following:

• Collagens and elastics. There are anti-aging products that claim to contain these two important proteins; however, these products are not advised since often these proteins are too large to be absorbed by the pores. What you should choose are products that boost production of these proteins, like Betaine which can be found in our Diamond Face Contour Moisturiser.

• Skin nourishment. To achieve supple, vibrant, and youthful skin, your body must be properly nourished by a good diet and lots of water.

• Mild and natural anti-aging skin care treatment. Using anti-aging treatment products effectively neutralize results of aging specifically premature skin ageing.