Hydrated Skin During Winter Travel
On a recent trip, I noticed a lady with a her cosmetic's bag bursting at the seams with various facial products.

Throughout the journey she was applying lots of different products which seemed much to the annoyance of the person sat next to her. Was she right to be doing this? Well maybe, there's no doubt that air travel dries your skin as there is very low humidity at high altitude which allows the moisture to evaporate from the skin.

Here are 5 great tips to keep your skin hydrated during the winter.

1. Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. Before you leave your house, don't forget to apply a facial moisturizer. Also, keep one in your bag so you can reapply as needed.

2. Hand moisturizer. If you’re like me you’ll be washing your hands a lot and applying gel hand sanitizers to ward off colds. Unfortunately, this will cause dry skin, nails, and cuticles. Always keep a travel size hand moisturizer in your bag so you can reapply after every hand wash, gel application, or anytime you feel dry.

3. Don’t forget your lips. Because the skin on your lips is so thin and delicate, moisture evaporates off of them more quickly, leading to dry, chapped lips. Pamper your lips with a soothing lip balm and reapply frequently. If you’re prone to licking your lips, avoid those flavored balms.

4. Skip the peanuts and pretzels. Eating salty foods will draw moisture away from the skin and cause swelling and bloating. Bring your own healthy, low-salt or no-salt snacks instead.

5. Alcoholic drinks. If you’re tempted by the free wine coupon, then remember alcohol dehydrates you and depletes your skin of moisture. If you really can not resist then have 2 glasses of water to every alcoholic drink you consume.