A photo of Dr Veronique Simon, Creator of the Simon Therapie range.

As famed for performing the most sophisticated anti-ageing facial treatments as she is for creating the industry's most potent anti-ageing products, Dr Véronique Simon is the cosmetic dermatologist behind some of the world's most enviably radiant complexions.

Unparalleled in her experience and knowledge, with a PHD in Skin Biology and over 20 years experience as an M.D specializing in aesthetic medicine, Dr Simon has professionally perfected her beauty philosophy: "never alter, always enhance" .

Dr Simon's signature facial treatment (The Rejuvenator) and anti-aging cosmetic line (SimonTherapie) are the ultimate tools with which to achieve naturally youthful skin... immediately, and long term.

" I simply don't believe in over-corrected, obvious interventions, Everything I do is about sculpting without surgery, about making women look a more beautiful version of themselves "
explains Dr Simon

The Rejuvenator combines LED (Light Emitting Diode) Therapy with massage and Dr Simon's Rehydrating cocktail , a bespoke mix of super hydrating and skin-vitalizing ingredients that penetrate deep into the dermis through electroporation to stimulate collagen regeneration, and to leave the complexion " more rested, firmer and plumper, immediately and for up to six weeks... " explains Dr Simon.

SimonTherapie is an anti-aging skincare collection that supports these benefits, respecting Dr Simon's rules of anti-aging:

" Exfoliation, fighting free radicals and hydration are the key rules to fabulous skin, whatever your skin type or age... I couldn't find products that delivered the optimum results and met my standards, so I created them "