Renew. Restore. Repair. Rehydrate. Refresh. Rejuvenate.

The Rejuvenator treatment achieves exactly these results...

In an industry saturated with practitioners’ perplexingly long menus of anti-ageing facial treatments, Dr Simon makes an altogether more compelling offer: a single, utterly bespoke treatment, simply and aptly named The Rejuvenator.

My clients don’t want to choose from a confusing list of treatments. They trust me implicitly to give their skin what it needs to look it’s very best.- explains Dr Simon

The Rejuvenator takes Dr Simon’s famously expert aesthetic eye (subtle, natural beauty is her signature) and combines it with the most potent, professional-strength age-preventative and rejuvenating ingredients and techniques available.

The women I treat want more than a facial, but something less invasive and obvious than a non-surgical procedure,The Rejuvenator makes the complexion appear instantly, impressively and superficially youthful and hydrated, but unlike a facial, whose effects diminish in days or weeks, the benefits The Rejuvenator typically last for 5 or 6 months.


- explains Dr Simon of her bespoke technique




The effects are remarkable

The complexion is repaired, revitalized and rehydrated at a cellular level as collagen is stimulated to rebuild itself – The Rejuvenator works on the skin deeper and more effectively than any facial. I liken the lifting results to Fraxel - but without the burning effect - and the increase achieved in hydration is unparalleled. The skin becomes like a permanently hydrated sponge – the need for fillers to plump out lines becomes unnecessary as the complexion becomes naturally smooth and youthfully plump- explains Dr Simon