Complement moisturizer from Dr Veronique Simon Simon Therapie range



The COMPLEMENT, the most powerful synergy of natural vegetable antioxidants for an anti-aging effect.

This concentrate of antioxidants (Flavanols, Proanthocyanidins, and Anthocyanins) protects cells against free radicals - the cause of premature skin aging.

When all these natural antiradical extracts are mixed together, there is a synergetic effect - causing free radicals to be eliminated more efficiently.

The Problem: When antiradical extracts are premixed in moisturizers, they lose their anti-radical efficiency:

Dr. Simon's high-tech revolution:

In the COMPLEMENT, the fragile natural antiradicals are preserved in a separate container and protected into microcapsules, allowing these powerful antioxidants to be delivered intact on the skin, enhancing their effectiveness and performance (High Tech Cosmetology).

To achieve this, Dr. Simon recommends lightly dabbing the COMPLEMENT before applying the DIAMOND FACE CONTOUR MOISTURIZER, the DIAMOND LIFT SERUM or the DIAMOND EYE CONTOUR.

The COMPLEMENT is also recommended for men, applied under the DIAMOND LIFT SERUM.


How To Use

Morning and/or evening lightly dab COMPLEMENT on to face and neck before applying moisturizer, serum or eye contour for a double preservation of anti-aging efficiency.

Avoid contact with eyes.

Paris' best-kept beauty secret. The first product on the market for the prevention of aging!


A scientific protocol by an independent lab (Scitec Research in Lausanne, Switzerland) has shown evidence that the COMPLEMENT retains a percentage of nearly 100% of it's antioxidants after 3 years of shelf life as opposed to a nearly nil percentage in a standard serum. (SCITEC RESEARCH SA, Av. de Provence 18-20, CH-100 Lausanne 20, Switzerland) 'Dosage of total polyphenols in different cosmetic products

– COMPLEMENT and Serum 'A'':

This study gives us evidence that:

1 - The percentage of polyphenols in Serum A at T0 is almost nil (this is explained by the high reactivity of the polyphenols as soon as they put into a cosmetic formulation when they are manufactured).

Dr. Veronique Simon

2 - The Complement shows a high percentage of polyphenols at T0 due to its unique formulation, it is a concentrate of polyphenols captured in microlipidic droplets. This formulation allows the same percentage of polyphenols to be kept after an ageing of 1 month at 50 C, which is an exceptional result.

Dr Veroniqe Simon

Dr Veronique Simon