The Diamond Duo Anti Aging, Dr Veronique Simon - Simon Therapie ange


DIAMOND FACE CONTOUR MOISTURISER (for high hydration effect and to smooth lines)

A FILLER derived from Indian plants (Séné) fills out wrinkles, smoothes the surface of the skin and sculpts the contour of the face. (In vivo testing has shown that Séné is effective on the long-term hydration of the skin.)

HYALURONIC ACID deeply hydrates A COMPOUND of 5 natural ingredients combats wrinkles, eye bags and skin dryness:

• Shea butter: regenerating properties.

• Saccharomyces cerevisiae: firming and hydrating properties

• Fermented yeast and Rhodiola Rosea: help to reduce the appearance of under-eye bags by stimulating the lipolysis of the deep fat layers.

• Betaine (from cane sugar): stimulates the production of collagen from the fibroblast.

GATTILLIER (the molecule of happiness), Vitamin E and Vitamin C are powerful antioxidants and improve firmness and hydration.

DIAMOND POWDER activates the microcirculation and is the secret to a radiant glow, the skin looks so luminous that there is no longer a need for makeup like foundation.

Dr Veronique Simon