Diamond Serum Lift from Dr Veronique Simon


This anti-aging serum, designed for mixed and oily skin types is the emergency treatment in the SIMONTHÉRAPIE range to erase blemishes and flushes.

Upon application, the skin literally smoothes out under one’s fingertips, becomes fuller, toned and dynamic.

The contour of the face becomes redefined and firmer. All of the REVITALIZING mechanisms are instantly reactivated.


A KERATOLYTIC agent (Salicylic Acid) promotes exfoliation, improves the appearance of pores and the texture of the skin.

EPILOBIUM extract (from Canadian forests) fights against Propionibacterium acnes.

CINNAMOMUM ZEYLANICUM BARK extract, Sarcosine, Vitamin A, and Vitamin C help to normalize acneic skins by acting on bacteria proliferation, on 5 alpha reductase, on lipase, elastase and free radicals.

DIAMOND POWDER confers sparkle and radiance to the complexion and brings purity and balance to the most demanding skin.

How To Use

Apply morning on a clean skin.

Specially formulated for COMBINATION AND OILY SKIN.

Especially recommended for men.

Strongly recommended for use after the COMPLEMENT (the first product on the market for the prevention of aging, demonstrated by a scientific protocol).

Dr Veronique Simon