Gold Hair Care product by Dr Veronique Simon



Hair loss is caused by three main factors: Genes, hormones, and stress.

95% of men who suffer from hair loss have a genetic disposition to Androgenic Alopecia. This affects 1 out of 3 men over 30 years of age, and 1 out of 2 men over 50. An excess of the hormone "Dihydrotestosterone" (DHT) causes the hair shaft width to progressively decrease, especially around the temples, the lateral sides of the forehead (receding hairline), and the vertex (top of the head). The growthcycle is reduced, the hair becomes increasingly thinner and more fragile, until it resembles "peach fuzz" and eventually becomes non-existent.

In the same way, women suffer from hair loss as a result of stress, medication and trauma. This hair loss is always reversible under this efficient treatment (except in the case of autoimmune disease.)

GOLD HAIR CARE is more effective than current anti-balding lotions on the market that are only effective if used continuously because they act on hormones.


The hair growth stimulator (Acetyl Tetrapeptide-3) stops the loss of hair and stimulates a new growth of hair. Micrometric particles of 24 carat gold stimulate the microcirculation and help the growth of hair.

An exclusivity of Docteur Véronique Simon, GOLD HAIR CARE contains a hair stimulator stronger than the current anti hair loss lotions on the market.


ACETYL TETRAPEPTIDE 3 (stimulates protein synthesis in the matrix, around the hair follicle, thus contributing attachment, strength and better growth of the hair follicle.)

ESSENTIALS OIL: Two flavonoids, alpha glucosyl hesperidin and red clover extract, (with antioxidant properties), Tea Tree Oil (with anti septic properties), Romarin (with astrigent activity.)

VITAMINS: E (antioxidant), B6-PP or B3 (control the seborrheic secretion), Pro-vitamin B5 (covers the hair with a hydrating film.)

OLIGOELEMENTS: Silicium (fights the free radicals), Zn, Magnesium and Copper (stimulate the general metabolism.)

24 CARAT GOLD MICROMETRIC PARTICLES stimulate microcirculation, providing the hair shaft with nutrition and preventing the loss of hair.

How To Use

Use before shampoo.

Massage dry scalp lightly with lotion and leave on for one hour before washing hair.

Use 2-3 times a week.

Avoid contact with eyes.

Dr Veronique Simon